Bert Lee Upcoming Musical Performances

This Summer To Caffe Vivaldi:


Here's a look ahead at shows I'm putting together for the Summer months.

My series, Three of a Kind Looking for a Full House, has been steadily building a following. The most recent show featuring Lanusa, Stephen Stavola and Joe O'Rourke drew a really friendly house that stayed enthusiastically for all three performers. Next time out of the gate with this project, I'm looking at Scott Test and Mike Tedesco, the three of up teaming up for an evening of piano and guitar based song writing. The tentative date on that is late July.

Sometime in August I have friends Larry Hanks and Deborah Robins coming into town, and I want to put together an evening of traditional music. Since Larry and Deborah lean hard on the cowboy component of their work, I'm going to put together an evening with that as a focus. Maybe get some Western Swing action in the line-up.

It's going to be a nice summer and I look forward to the performers I'm roping in and the audience that's proved interested in the spirit of these shows.