Bert Lee Upcoming Musical Performances

Coming June 2 To Caffe Vivaldi:

Here's a little about our line-up June 2: Anastasia Golenischeva is a world class cellist, adept at the traditional and modern classics and very comfortable improvising in a wide range of musical settings. Her focus and intensity will draw you into the magic she weaves. Joe O'Rourke is a dedicated and creative pianist who lives and breathes music. When they work together it's riveting and transcendent. Stephen Stavola crafts lovely thought provoking tunes and delivers them with an engaging voice and solid piano skills. Me, I'm just the guy that loves to write music, and moreover to encourage and bring together all the fine players and writers that I've found in my capacity of curating the Monday Night open mic at Caffe Vivaldi. This series of shows, otherwise known as Three of a Kind Looking for a Full House, has been a very gratifying success. Please come by and enjoy what we offer...

Caffe Vivaldi Anastasia, Joe O'Rourke, Stephen Stavola and Bert Lee 8:00

and of course every Monday 6:30-11

Open Mic at Caffe Vivaldi
Hosted by Bert Lee